The Ring — The Human Sol Gate

Donald Fernandes
2 min readJan 2, 2021


The Ring (copyright IMDB)

Over the holidays, I spent some time self-reflecting, reading books and developing goals for the upcoming year. And to be totally honest, there was also quite a bit of binge watching on a few “claim to fame” series; one of which was “The Expanse”.

I am not a SciFi guy, but this series for some reason grew on me and got me hooked (blame it on Star Wars, which I again binged on).

While I was dwelling upon the infinities of the Galaxies, there’s one thing that mesmerized me at the end of Season 4 — The emergence of “The Ring”. I could straight away draw a parallel of the Ring to the year that passed 2020 — the unknowns that it had, the chaos it created, the threats it presented and the opportunities that arose to explore.

The Ring

The Ring, as they call it the Sol Gate, is a structure created by the protomolecule after a certain incubation period.

So, what are the protomolecules in human existence?

Human Greed, Desire of Power, Ego to name a few. Over a long Incubation of these human traits of narcissism, it was time for nature to bring in equilibrium in its own way.

It created a Chaos in the system, with the COVID-19 virus, Wildfires, earthquakes, floods , hurricanes etc.

That’s the Emergence of The Ring — The Human Sol Gate

It’s time for reality check, understand the threats, get pragmatic and correct course.

The Threats
- Economic Instability
- Global Warming
- Lack of Leadership
- Socio-Cultural Differences to name a few..

Opportunities — Wormhole Gates

Now, whilst we are learning to recover from these threats, exploring newer opportunities, embracing renewable energy and creating a new sustainable world for the generations to come, we will have to be aware of not giving rise to yet another protomolecule that can disturb the equilibrium of the system.

We have a long way to go. Let’s get to it 2021 !!



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